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2016-06-18 15:24:33

Sergio Orta, Joseph Massengale, Farida Weah, Catherin Brown, L Begley, Kenneth Housden, Jill Lester, Dennis Lichorwic, David Beville, Mully Celebra, Herb Durham, Jeanne Amick, Renee Olsen, Kate Murray, Ryan Overbay, Richard fai Wong, Randy Wyland, Benjamin Tyson, Fuhing Yu, tony reggi, Heather Jacksy, shane reinfelder, Roosevelt Odoms, Carro Walker, Bev Vanderlinde, Pamela Angulo, Connie Waranka, Vicki Schiller, Kaelah Long, Robert Champlin, David Tallon, Frederick Schwoch, Subrahmanyan Sathianarayanan, Judy Chism, sergio sevilla, Tyler Hiserman, Holly Cozarp, Marnita Collins-el, Billy Nantz, Ryan david Dock, Katt Wheat, Carrie E brauch, Anke Pendleton, Tanya Holtan, Blaine Decker, Landin Vannocker, Debbie Wescoat, Jason Kiddd, Amy Abloomfield, Douglas Crana, Haley Shrewsberry, Anthony Stumbo, Mark Pingel, Rachel Bandemer, Mark Pyke, Wendy Pahl, Janice Melson, Gregory Pavely, Aviance Warren, Bj Hawkey, otis pippins, Faye Carner, Dalasha Nesby, Ishmael Ramirez, Janell Aguilar, VICTORIA FRANKLIN, Carlos Coste, Beverly Vlach, Kevin Gammell, ALEX SUCHANEK, Jean reitz, Victor Nwosu, Carol Heinen, Kristin E carpenter, Lisa Hilty, Monica Maycong, reported.

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Obtained Just a phone from didnt answer and they didnt leave Just a message....

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Got Just a call but didnt reply it. Owner ID said it was out of Jamaica...

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Won free Vacation to Bahamas that I never entered to win...

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I consider health insurance Automated It will not enable me to tell them...

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Ive never Truly Replied this Amount. Simply because for a few motive Recently...

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Acquired Only a phone this evening In nearly pm my time out of this Amount....

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Dont understand the caller or . st phone..AdvertisingOr what they Said..Above...

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call and leave no message. Landline from Piedmont SC no name listed anywhere...

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merely talked thus someone there. THey say its citi card..they wont tell...

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i just request them for put me on the Do not phone list after calling precisely...

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