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2016-06-12 01:02:54

Nancy Behr, E Joannides, Etta Bagley, Joelan Walker, Kimberly Flink, zunigaf@sbcgloba.net Fidel, Paul Apsley, Sangrita Jhaveri, Jayne Prince, Evelyn Diaz fuentes, Tyrone Green smith, Virginia Sorenson, Barbara Bires, Johnny Isham, Candace Cutting, OLIVIA VESEY, Jesus Dadivas, Joe Stasi, Francis Freiss, Stewart Longsworth, Kimberly Tammaro, Carlos Babb, Anna Sellman, Darcy Lijoodi, Kari Moore, Gale Wahchumwah, Sid Raspberry, Dalene Khan, DONNA MCGLOSTER, Seok chul Roh, Susan Mccarville, Elwood Coarse, Christine Shoonan, Colleen eckel Eckel, Mickie Six, Katernia Gilleylen, Phyllis Hearn, Jaye Dahlke, Jannie L meares, David Lashbrook, Shawkees Jones, Ben Presley, samantha staples, Kelly Kasakaitas, Shekeema Jones, Thad Simpson, Elias Fierro, Teoh Mianghwa, riverial hayes, Zeke Santa maria, Joni Bragg, Delmar Michael, Patricia Bartlett, Colette Lucca, Jesus Arce, Edward Belmer, Lawrence Kohlenberg, Yvonne Fansler, H Tindall, Jackie Len, Ernest Toliver, Garrick Tucker, Laquittia Meeks, Meranda Glenn, Roy Walton, Cassandra Franzel, Alex Kagaidy, Nancy Finnemore, Donna Marie harrison, Teressa Stevens, reported.


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